Wicked Series

Our Wicked Series or Wicked Line was a design that we had for some time and first designed in 1993 and built in 2010 just in time for the 2011 NAMM show.

The guitar is designed with a maple neck that goes though a light mahogany body.  There are two options for painting on these guitars, CSG Guitars Standard™ (solid color or basic flames), or Customer Custom™, in which you can have the guitar paint any way you want.  If you chose the Standard with flames, the flames will be air brushed on the front and back, and each guitar will be unique in their flames.

Each order is handle individually with our customers to allow them to get the Wicked Guitar of their desire.

We only use the best in the construction of our guitars.  The Wicked Series is made with the following materials.

  • Body – Light Mahogany
  • Neck – Maple
  • Hardware – Wilkerson
  • Pickups – Seymour Duncan

Base Price

  • Guitar – $2700
  • Bass –   $2900
  • Custom Paint – Quoted Upon Request